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Ahh the boring sh!t in business .. you know the sh!t I'm talking about! Profit margins, cash flow, forecasting, strategy .. oh my! Eyes rolling? Then you've come to the right place! I have developed a platform here to break the stigma attached with the boring components of business. It's here to provide education, fun, provoke discussion and challenge the notion that our numbers may actually not be as boring as they seem. Don't believe me? Have a listen! A x

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2 days ago

"Every shortcut has a price usually greater than the reward" It becomes increasingly concerning with every facebook post, on every business forum when I see business owners completely consumed with sales, with social media, with funnels.  Where are those business owners who are consumed by business success? Where are they asking for assistance to help them to create solid financial foundations in their business? I know where they are... they are the ones too scared to look at their bank balances, are kept awake at night working out ways to make this game of being in business work.  With not one consideration that the answer is under their noses ... know your numbers! Instead, they choose very obviously to bypass this part of the framework needed to set up a successful business ... they take the short cut straight to selling. Straight to spending money on advertising, on setting up their instaworthy offices ... only to find themselves struggling right from day one to make money and make the money in their business count. Stop taking shortcuts!!!  What's the rush? The reality ... your business will be around longer if you take the time now.  There is no need to rush. This episode is a timely reminder as we move into a new financial year, that it's never too late to get it right.  But you need to trash this idea that you can simply bypass this part of the process, and embrace the new norm of taking the time to do things right.  There are no shortcuts!  But, it comes with a warning.  Only those serious about making real progress in their businesses need listen. Look around, because those you admire, those successful business owners ... they already know this stuff.  Take a listen. A x Some resources that may assist you with getting more acquainted with your numbers; Free PDF download : A guide to business forecasting Free PDF download : 3 things you can do daily to improve your cashflow Mini Course : Getting started with Xero Mini Course : Getting started with Quickbooks Join my community for tips and support :  

Wednesday Jun 22, 2022

"Consistent action creates consistent results" - Christine Kane My guest on this episode epitomises the sentiment that consistent actions create consistent results.  Karen Ahl, founder of Web-Sta (a bespoke web design agency) and Business Growth & Engagement Coaching, is putting in the reps when it comes to building not only two very successful businesses for herself, but also when it comes to her health and fitness.  Karen takes a moment out of her very business schedule to talk about establishing Web-Sta back in 2006 after taking on the rock climbing wall industry, and the natural transition from web design to being a Business Growth & Engagement Coach.   Throughout this episode we look at; the 3 features every website should have, how the digital world has impacted brand loyalty to the place good old fashioned networking and referrals still have in business today  We discuss the importance of choosing the right person for the job, and how mindset and consistency play a big part in running a successful business and personal pursuits such as health and fitness.  You'll find everything from tamagotchi's (IYKYK) to body building in this episode ... so be sure to take a listen. A x   Connect with Karen Ahl Facebook (Coaching) | Facebook (Web-Sta) | Linked In (Personal) | Youtube | Websites | and Other resources Karen mentioned throughout the episode Karen's Blog Post : 38 Things I Wish I Knew About Business Before Starting The Profit Masterclass Course More resources My Small Business Cashflow Course :  

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

I know you've heard the term, I know you know it's something you really should be doing as a business owner, so why haven't you done so yet?  In my experience a lot of it has to do with confidence, a lot to do with time and a hell of a lot to do with just not seeing any immediate purpose for it because you are busy with marketing, making sales and doing business. Well my friend, now is the time to make time.  There is such volatility in the market at the moment, consumer habits are changing and we are being forced to think differently.  So why not start the change with a financial forecast to help you shape the future. In this episode my conversation is centred around the foundations of financial forecasting and what benefits it can have on your business.  How understanding various aspects of how your business operates, can make this process not only easier for you, but more effective.  I talk fixed and variable components, pricing impact and controls, stress testing or scenario testing your business, being flexible and realistic along with importance of re-evaluating your assumptions for them to stay relevant. If you don't already ... you should. Take a listen. A x   Topics of interest throughout the episode; Starting with what you know [4:45] Fixed and Variable elements of your business [4:45] A chat on Fixed [5:34] Identifying drivers of change [6:18] A chat on Variable [6:34] Pricing models [7:50] Stress testing or Scenario testing your business [10:07] The fun part [11:05] Forecasting integrity [11:50] Optimistic forecasting [12:22] Measurement [13:18] Forecasting for significant shifts [16:07] The key take aways from this episode; Understand the key drivers of your numbers Identify what is fixed and variable Use what information you have available to you to understand business trends Stress test scenarios in your business to see what makes the most sense Be realistic and flexible in your approach to your forecast Commit to the strategy Relevant links as mentioned throughout; Small Business Cashflow Course Book a Discovery Call Sign up to my community  

Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

If you had the opportunity to have access to the right information to positively change your lifestyle, the success of your business ... would you??   Or would you choose to not invest in it because you don't think it's worth it and you don't want to hear it?? What am I talking about?  And what does this have to do with the motto I live by?  In this episode, I talk about learning for the very first time the value of knowledge.  How to use it to create strength and what power it has when you embrace it. As a financial coach, this becomes prevalent in work I do every day with business owners .. You would think that there would be a resounding "YES" to the above question of "If you had the opportunity to have access to the right information to positively change your lifestyle the success of your business ... would you?"  But sadly, this is met with a "NO", 9 times out of 10.  Why? Because so many small business owners choose ... yes choose, to ignore the financial side of their business because they don't value it. They aren't the processors of the financial information in their business, they have an accountant or bookkeeper do that ... so they choose to not get involved in the "hows and whys".   Knowledge isn't reserved for the "so-called" experts ... as a business owner, knowing your numbers is imperative to the successful day to day running of a business.  If this isn't of value to you yet ... perhaps this episode is worth a listen.  Or more still, perhaps we need to have a chat.  But check this out first.  A x To book a FREE, no obligation discovery call with me simply head to To check out free resources to assist you in getting familiar with your numbers and various other financial aspects of your business, head to

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

Being a mum can often be a lonely and challenging time.  Being a mum and business owner, even more so.  My guest, Roberta Fairbanks knows a thing or two when it comes to rallying a strong community of women and business owners and has taken a moment out of her extremely business schedule to have a chat. Roberta does it all .. an award winning marketing strategist, branding specialist, website designer, magazine editor, event planner, speaker and mum ... Roberta knows just what it takes to have resilience and drive in business. Having owned several very successful businesses, and recently having gone through a business breakup ... I was drawn to Roberta's strength and ownership when it came to telling it all like it is. She uses her social platforms to remain connected and candidly shares the highs and lows of her journey through this beautiful life. In this episode, we discuss the importance of setting boundaries, passion and aligning that to our purpose, the importance of a supportive community and showing up as our authentic selves.  In addition, we chat about how competition can push us to our next level and how going through the pain, rather than avoiding it ...  reminds us of our purpose. I loved my time with Roberta, and you will to ... take a listen. A x   How to get in touch with Roberta ... Instagram ... Instagram ... Website ...  

Wednesday May 25, 2022

I love me a "thought for the day" ... I started posting them on my socials back when I started my business about 11 years ago now.  The idea to do this was spawn from the actual even of starting a business.  You know how it goes ...  everyone has something to say when you embark on something as monumental as this starting a business, and so it started out with me wanting to share some of that wisdom with those in my social community ... you know, share the love.  It turned into a daily occurrence, even all these years later ... they include everything from funny, to business related and most importantly, those that have profound impact on my life. But the greatest piece of advice I got came long before I was to start my business, in fact, it was when I was in university, my first year actually.  And it's this piece of advice that I have carried with me, both professionally and personally for such a long time. Take a listen as I tell you the fateful tale of failing university and the moment someone made me see that it was a good thing to have happened to me. Other links as discussed throughout the episode; My Small Business Cashflow Course : Learn more here Join my socials to get your daily fix of thoughts for the day with added bonus business content; Instagram : Facebook : Or my mailing list :      

Wednesday May 18, 2022

Snoop Dogg once said ... "I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind" ... Whilst he isn't hailed one of the masterminds of this area of expertise, you can't deny that he has a really good point! ...  Money and mindset go hand in hand, and I know you already know that!  As a financial coach I see this all too often .. many business owners convinced that they just aren't good with money because maths wasn't their best subject in school.  Now whilst that's a watered down version of the many conversations I've had with business owners over the years, the one thing remains constant, there is a real problem with mindset when it comes to money and in particular business owners wanting to participate in the financial side of their business. For some reason there is this real fear, or even disregard for the importance of knowing more about this in our businesses.  And for all the power that it holds, I'm surprised time and time again when this isn't the first thing business owners want to know when they start a business. There are many reasons this problem is created, and throughout this episode I explore a few of them along with of course providing nuggets of valuable ways we can shift this mindset and these blocks for run more financial freeing businesses. Check out the conversation here.   For free financial resources to help you improve margins, profitability and cashflow ... head to my website   My Small Business Cashflow Course ... opening again on the 30th May 2022,   To discuss 1:1 coaching opportunities ... simply book a discovery call at   And to join my inner circle ...  

Wednesday May 11, 2022

"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs : the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so." - Unknown Mindset is such a powerful thing, and in this episode I get to sit down with Mindset Coach Kim Gray.  Kim hales from over 30 years experience in the education sector, and has recently moved in to the mindset space with the goal of inspiring as many women as she can during this journey.  With a focus on personal development and wellbeing, Kim is driven to motivate and inspire those in search of their own clarity and empowerment in their lives. Living a life by design is a goal of most .. throughout this episode, Kim tells me all about how her world aligned thanks to a fateful email reminder, taking her to where she now gets to live hers.  We discuss how we have the choice to our life and how it's important to stay true to ourselves.  As well as so much more!  So be sure to take a listen. A x   Kim can be contacted through the following channels; email - phone - +61 412 634 396 facebook - instagram -   Links to other discussion points; the business boardroom - contact Amy Bajada on cashflow mindset - through The Small Business Cashflow Course  

Wednesday May 04, 2022

"There are some people who sign up for the goal, but don't sign up for the discomfort that comes with achieving the goal." Being in business is hard ... choosing the right "team" to work with you can be even harder.  With the term "Coach" more prevalent than ever, coaches are under the spotlight when it comes to deliverables.  And in many cases rightfully so. But the role of a coach often becomes blurred with the expectations placed upon them.  Whilst it is a coach's responsibility to "instruct, direct or prompt", many lose sight of the effort required on their part to achieve the goals as promised by the coach or coaching program. And here in lies the problem.  Let's explore this further. A x   Programs discussed throughout this episode ... Small Business Cashflow Course (Back May 2022) ... Book a discovery call with me ... Join my community ...  

Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

If you are anything like me and love a good organising system, or if you're not and would like to try one, I recommend Trello.  Traditionally a pen and paper kind of gal, I found that the more my business evolved, and the busier I got, having numerous note pads laying around just didn't cut it.  I needed something that I could have on hand, and that would be easy enough to organise everything in the one spot. It wasn't an easy transition for me going digital like this, but it's one of the best things I could have done for my business and if I'm being honest, for life in general. So in this episode, I just wanted to showcase how I use Trello for my business.  I understand that every business is different, therefore this isn't a "do it this way" kind of episode.  But more of a "this is how I use it, perhaps you may need something like this to assist you also" kind of episode. Be sure to take a listen, you just never know what kind of organising spark it might ignite in you to assist you in this area of your business. A x   Those topics covered that may be of interest to you ... What is Trello? [1:27] 1st Use - Idea Capture [3:31] 2nd Use - Course Creation [8:21] 3rd Use - Social Media Planning [12:45]   Relevant Links ... Trello : Join my Small Business Cashflow Course Waitlist (which is going live again in May 2022) ...   Book a Discovery Call with Amy Bajada ... Join my community ...        



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