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Ahh the boring sh!t in business .. you know the sh!t I'm talking about! Profit margins, cash flow, forecasting, strategy .. oh my! Eyes rolling? Then you've come to the right place! I have developed a platform here to break the stigma attached with the boring components of business. It's here to provide education, fun, provoke discussion and challenge the notion that our numbers may actually not be as boring as they seem. Don't believe me? Have a listen! A x

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7 days ago

In the world of business, every financial decision is a high-stakes gamble. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, the ability to think realistically about your financial moves can be the difference between thriving and floundering.
Thinking realistically about financial moves in your business is not about being overly cautious or pessimistic. It's about being well-prepared.
As you contemplate your next investment or financial decision, there are critical key factors that demand your attention. Return on Investment, timing of that return, how to budget for these and how adverse you are to the risk associated with these decisions.
Let’s chat about them … take a listen. A x
Key moments throughout the episode ...
What is ROI [02:08]
Understand what type of return you want [05:37]
Setting goals on when you want the return on your investment [09:22]
A great tool to assist in financial decisions [11:12]
What risk are you and your business able to (or even willing to) take on [12:26]
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Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Being a small business owner is an exhilarating journey filled with passion and dedication. You've built your dream from the ground up, nurtured it, and watched it grow.
However, amidst the hustle and bustle of running your business, it's easy to overlook a critical aspect – managing your personal finances. Many small business owners struggle to understand and balance their business finances, let alone their personal ones.
In this episode, I wanted to explore how you can effectively manage your personal finances as a business owner.
Lets break it down into simple steps and practical advice, making it easier for you to navigate the financial waters of both your business and personal life. Take a listen. A x
Key Takeaways from the episode:
3 Simple ways to set clear boundaries for your personal and business finances [07:52]
Why a personal budget can help with financial management in both areas of your life [09:38]
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Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

In the world of business, success and failure are two sides of the same coin. While success is undoubtedly what every business owner strives for, failure is often feared and avoided at all costs.
However, it's time for a shift in this perspective. As business owners, we need to embrace failure as a stepping stone to progress. Failure isn't the end; rather, it's a vital part of the journey toward success.
In this episode, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the reasons why failure should be embraced in business and how it can pave the way for growth, innovation, and long-term success.
As custodians of businesses great and small, we find ourselves at a crossroads: it is time to not only accept but to warmly embrace failure as a catalyst, a stepping stone, and an agent of transformation in our pursuit of progress. Take a listen. A x
Key moments throughout this episode
Time to reframe the perspective on failure [04:06]
The essence of learning from failure [05:48]
Adaptability is your lifeline during failure [06:23]
Development of problem solving skills [07:31]
The primary concerns fearing failure [08:00]
Financial risks causing a fear of failure [08:27]
Branding risks causing a fear of failure [09:31]
Failure can foster a culture of innovation and resilience [11:08]
Why failure was pivotal in Apple's success [13:46]
Ways we can work together;
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Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

In this new emerging landscape, the pursuit of personal aspirations has given rise to a surge in small businesses and side hustles. Whether driven by passion, necessity, or a combination of both, individuals are increasingly venturing into these realms.
However, the path to success is a delicate dance between reinvesting profits back into the business and maintaining one's personal financial stability. In this episode I wanted to explore the intricate balance needed between these two crucial concepts and explores strategies on how to find the right balance.
If you run a side hustle or a small business, you’re gonna want to listen to this one. A x
Key moments throughout the episode..
What is Reinvestment for small business [03:01]
Understanding Personal Financial Stability [09:28]
Finding the right balance for reinvestment into business and personal savings account [10:04]
Set clear financial goals [10:10]
The concept of Gradual Reinvestment [10:49]
Establish an Emergency Funds [11:18]
Budgeting and measurement [11:49]
Diversify your revenue streams [12:28]
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Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

In the bustling world of owning a business, where time is a precious commodity and every decision feels like it could tip the scales between success and failure, it's not uncommon to find small business owners scrambling to juggle numerous responsibilities.
Between the whirlwind juggle of customer interactions, product development, and marketing strategies, there's one area that often ends up on the back-burner: paperwork and financial management.
But why do such ambitious individuals, who pour their heart and soul into their business, shy away from facing the numbers? Whilst we can convince ourselves it’s either boring, difficult or a bit of both … the reality is if you’re serious about running a business, this part should be neither.
For business owners who've been procrastinating on their paperwork, it's time to view it as more than just a chore. It's an opportunity to unlock a world of knowledge that can pave the way for success. The initial unease might give way to a sense of empowerment and control that takes the business to new heights.
take a listen. A x
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Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Since the rise of social media, it has transformed the way we as individuals communicate, share information, and even earn a living. Enter the age of influencers … individuals who leverage their online presence to gain followers in the hope of engaging with them, has created a new dimension of income generation.
In Australia, our tax man is all over this … with the tax landscape evolving in response to this emerging trend, prompting the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to provide specific guidelines for social media influencers regarding the management of their income reporting.
For those current influencers or even wanna be influencers out there, this episode is for you .. find out the ATO's expectations, and how influencers should navigate their financial responsibilities. Take a listen .. A x
Key moments throughout the episode ...
Classification of Influencers income types and their treatment
What is Fair Market Value and how to calculate it
ATO obligations and GST
Consequences of non compliance
How to stay ahead of the ATO
If you'd like to discuss ways you can effectively track your income and expenses as an influencer, simply head to 

Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

Amongst the dynamic landscape that is running a business, small business owners face a ton of challenges daily that demand effective goal-setting strategies to drive growth and ensure success.
One such strategy in the world of setting goals that proves to have a significant impact and one that has been supportive of the ever changing climate that we exist in … is the strategy of setting 90-day goals.
This approach, which involves defining and pursuing objectives within a three-month timeframe, offers several advantages tailored to the unique needs and constraints of small businesses.
In this episode I wanted to delve into the reasons behind the effectiveness of this 90-day goal setting strategy for small business owners, along with the types of financial goals that can be highly effective in this strategy.
Take a listen .. A x
Key moments throughout the episode;
What is the 90-day Goal setting strategy? [02:49]
How the 90-day Goal setting strategy works [05:27]
Why using S.M.A.R.T Goals in this strategy helps [06:29]
What are the benefits for setting 90-day goals [08:35]
Some financial goals you can set and achieve in 90 days [09:55]
Why it will work for your business now [13:54]
The importance and link to annual goal setting [15:50]
If you'd like to learn more about the new goal setting resource I have on offer, please join my email community at

Wednesday Jul 26, 2023

Picture this for a moment : your business is flourishing, you’re turning your dreams into reality, and you have the freedom to face any economic change that comes your way with confidence. Now, hold onto that vision, because attaining such financial stability is well within your grasp! In fact, it's not an elusive dream but a practical and achievable reality – all it takes is a powerful savings plan.
Unveiling the true potential of your business pursuits begins with understanding the significance of a well structured and deliberate savings plan.
If the current economic climate has taught us anything, it’s that being prepared for change is essential. A savings plan helps you weather unexpected storms, economic downturns, or sudden market shifts without jeopardising the future of your business.
Neglecting your finances and putting off a savings plan can be detrimental. The longer you ignore your financial situation, the harder it becomes to make real change and secure your business's future. Let’s chat savings plans.
Take a listen. A x
Key moments throughout the episode ...
Step one : Assess your current financial situation PLUS actionable steps to do this [02:16]
Step two : Set clear savings goals PLUS actionable steps to do this [06:59]
Step three : Open a separate savings bank account PLUS what you should look for in an account [09:23]
Step four : Set savings withdrawals on automatic [10:44]
Bonus Point : Regularly review financial goals and progress and make adjustments as needed [11:52]
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Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, being busy is often equated with being successful. It's like a badge of honour to be busy.
We've bought into the idea that being swamped with tasks and constantly on the move is the ultimate measure of success.
But through the hustle and bustle, have you ever stopped and wondered if all that busyness is actually making you profitable or if you're just caught in the busyness trap? Trust me, it's a question worth exploring!
Let’s chat about it. A x
Key moments throughout the episode ...
Exploring the concept of being profitable or just busy in business.
Importance of questioning the notion that busyness equals success.
Significance of prioritisation and clarity of purpose in achieving profitability.
Discussion on the difference between being busy and being productive in business.
Steps to evaluate business activities, including setting objectives, identifying key metrics, analysing data, conducting experiments, gathering customer feedback, and making adjustments.
Understanding the role of efficiency and effectiveness in maximising profitability.
Continuous evaluation and adaptation to market dynamics for long-term profitability.
Learn more about understanding profitability through my free Pricing PDF download

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Recent studies have revealed that a staggering 30 percent of small businesses anticipate difficulties in meeting their financial commitments throughout 2023. It's a concerning statistic. But as concerning as it is, the reality is, we need to deal with it. We can’t continue to hope that we can just “ride it out”.
Whilst I never coined the phrase “Knowledge is power” … facing this reality in your business can uncover real actionable strategies that can help you navigate these challenges successfully, rather than suffer in silence.
Running a small business is hard, and financial challenges often arise unexpectedly. However, what’s important to remember is that you are not alone. Many business owners face similar obstacles along their journey. The key lies in embracing the right mindset and equipping yourself with the necessary tools to overcome these challenges head-on. Take a listen. A x
Key moments throughout the episode ..
How can we, as business owners, address this struggle when it seems impossible [04:46]
Where you can go to get a comprehensive cashflow management plan that works [06:32]
What is a cashflow management plan and what should it include? [07:22]
Your best protection against any struggles to meet your financial obligations [12:57]
Benefits of having a cashflow management plan in place [13:31]
Links as mentioned throughout ...
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