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Ahh the boring sh!t in business .. you know the sh!t I'm talking about! Profit margins, cash flow, forecasting, strategy .. oh my! Eyes rolling? Then you've come to the right place! I have developed a platform here to break the stigma attached with the boring components of business. It's here to provide education, fun, provoke discussion and challenge the notion that our numbers may actually not be as boring as they seem. Don't believe me? Have a listen! A x

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7 days ago

I see more and more business owners finding it useful to have the bookkeeping of their business either done in their business, or done specifically by themselves. This may be a money saving thing, or it could be an attempt to get closer to their numbers. As a financial coach, I’d like to think it’s motivated by the later … but I can’t say for certain. There is more to getting to know your numbers than it just being an attempt to keep ones head above the water so to speak … With the economy the way it is, every decision and every movement of cash matters. Whatever the motivation, there is one thing that is consistent … that is that business owners want more control of it, and to learn more about how to best manage this so that they can get back to doing what they love. Because let’s face it … it’s ain’t the sexiest job we do as business owners. But definitely one that we can all agree needs to be done. So I wanted to take a moment in this episode to provide some strategies on how to make this easier on yourself, improve the efficiency to getting it done and most importantly to ensure that the information is accurate and timely.  And who doesn't want that!  Take a listen. A x Promised resources Xero Mini Course .. Quickbooks Mini Course .. Profit & Loss Spreadsheet ..  

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

I remember once being told that “Failure is an inescapable part of life and a critically important part of any successful life”. Throughout everything I have ever done in my life, I refuse to accept failure as something that is final, but rather something that has a lesson to be learned. And if I’m being totally honest, I don’t like the term failure … it leaves such a bad taste in ones mouth, but more importantly it forces people to make irrational decisions that come with some pretty hefty consequences. As a financial coach, I see this more often than I’d like to, business owners refusing to understand how to identify when it’s time to move on because it’s not working. They’d rather dig a greater hole, and lose more money, than accept that it’s time to move on. And not moving on isn’t failing, it’s just a bad business decision.  So here is the thing … if a product, service or even business isn’t converting your products or service into cash that effectively sustains the running of your business without you having to continuously pour additional money into it … you need to either, as they say, shit or get off the pot. If you can’t figure it out, don’t want to figure it out, refuse to figure it out … at least know when to call it a day. Because you will be bleeding cash if it’s not done right. And losing cash in this economy just ain’t going to be fun my friend! And certainly not when you have a real opportunity to make a change to improve your situation for the better. Let's chat about this. A x   If you'd like to find out more about my Small Business Pricing Course, simply email Other relevant resources ...  FREE Download : The elements of a successful pricing strategy :      

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

They say that successful people are not gifted; they just work hard and then succeed on purpose. My guest, Jada Perfect, the boss lady behind Boss Lady, epitomises this! Jada called bullshit long ago on those who criticised her differences, and decided to celebrate them and use them to her own advantage. She now has a Master’s degree in Business Management, over 10 years of running several businesses, with 2 successful businesses currently in tow … Jada is doing things her way and making a difference to so many other aspiring business owners along the way. This is a great chat where we talk all about how Jada got thrown into running her first business with her mum's guidance.  What impact COVID had on both her businesses.  The greatest risk she continues to take in business and, find out what Jada and I agree on when comes to operating your business . … come join Jada and I, it's was loads of fun x   Ways you can get in contact with Jada .. Instagram @thebossladybiz Website    

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

What is it that "they" say … “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you” .. Tax time … a friendly reminder that the tax man, who didn’t spend one hour contributing to our business for the last 12 months, needs to get paid! Normally when we dish out payments for services, we receive something in return. As business owners, tax time is the time of year we need to find cash from our hard earned businesses to line the tax mans pockets, with feelings of nothing to show for it. Regardless of what business structure you are under, there is a tax to be paid on income earned. Now whilst I hate paying taxes just as much as the next guy ... here is the thing … you only pay tax on profits if you’re a company and on income levels if you’re a sole trader. So I ask you … if you are paying tax, doesn’t that mean you made money? And if so, isn’t that a good thing? Let’s chat about this …. A x   Key discussion points throughout the episode ... How we can reframe the conversation [3:36] Strategies that can assist with the mindset shift and management of payments [5:53] Working examples of how you can get started with these strategies today [7:54]  

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

Superannuation ... the portion of our earnings that is placed in a fund and typically held there for use after we retire. Employers are legally bound to pay this sum on behalf and as a term of employment of their employees ... but what if you're a business owner?  This onus falls on you ... ​​If I had a dollar for every time a business owner told me that they hadn’t yet gotten around to paying themselves a wage, let alone any allocation for superannuation, I’d have a better retirement plan than I’d even planned for.​​In this episode we explore the real impact of not considering superannuation as a cost in your business and how to change that so that you can start to plan for your future lifestyle.  After all, you work hard as a business owner ... so should your money for your future.  Take a listen. A x​🔗 ​Links as mentioned in the episode ...​​Small Business Cashflow Course​​Course started Monday the 5th September, sign up now to avoid missing out.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Alan Miltz said “Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity and cash is king” … if you haven’t heard this version of the quote, no doubt if you’re a business owner the whole “cash is king” portion has come up once or twice. Why? Because in the game of chess, the King piece is the most important piece of which each player needs to checkmate (or strategically place) in order to win the game. And they only have once piece to do so. Just like in business, we need to strategically use pieces we have available to us to ultimately arrange, strategically place or checkmate the final piece (or our cash) to reinvest back into our business and do it all again. Growth, profitability, pay ourselves a wage. How we use our cash, how we organise it … makes the world of difference. So that’s why I created my Small Business Cashflow Course .. A transformative skill set that will work, guaranteed, for your business and even if transferred right … can work in the personal management of your money also. Take a listen. A x Find out more about the course and sign up here ...  

Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Bartering is not a new concept, it goes way back ... so it should come as no surprise that transactions that fall under this system are required to be reported to the ATO.  But as bartering is part of the small business community ... there is no reason to fear the obligations and requirements that comes with such transactions ... or most importantly, ignore them. Now stay with me ... this episode walks you through the details you need to know when it comes to ensuring that you capture this information correctly, effectively and most importantly accurately for your business.  So be sure to check it out. A x Key discussion points throughout the episode; [2:12] What is bartering or trade exchange? [3:29] Ensuring the arrangement is fair and equitable. [4:21] Having a formal arrangement in place. [5:04] Obligations that arise in such arrangements. [5:38] How avoidance isn't worth it. [6:11] Impact on income tax and GST. [9:01] What is meant by a book entry. [9:19] GST registration and threshold impact. [10:21] Benefits of reporting these transactions correctly. [12:02] Housekeeping requirements.   Want to discuss this matter more? Book a free discovery call with me Email me on Call me on +61 404 083 222      

Wednesday Aug 03, 2022

As business owners we lead in many ways, and often those that make the most impression do so out of pure determination and passion for what they do. Tenille Lawrence, founder of Little Birdie Hair Co, definitely emulates pure determination and passion for her business and life and takes some time out of her extremely busy day to sit down and take a moment with me to share her business journey. Tenille talks candidly about everything from turning her step out of high school into an international career, to declaring bankruptcy and starting all over again. She also shares how she manages to continue to live the life of her dreams and why being a sustainably, low tox salon owner is of utmost importance to her and her team. The recipient of not one but two "Australia's best eco salon" awards, a mother of 4, and manager of over 28 staff members, Tenille is exactly where she wants to be ... come take a listen to her story. A x Highlights throughout the episode; [2:59] How Tenille got started in business ... from mobile hairdressing to international educator. [5:56] Raising capital and getting help from mum to keep spending on track. [9:51] Little Birdie Hair co is born, with a great story on how it came to be named. [12:04] How learning she had chemical poisoning led to Tenille created the foundations for sustainability practices and low tox colouring to be rolled out in her salons. [17:08] Recycling hair as a sustainable measure, and why it's great for soil. [17:39] Tenille draws upon her own experiences and discusses getting White Ribbon Accredited. [19:54] Managing teams and how having a solid and trusting management team supports self care. [22:49] Leaning in to support and how Tenille juggles business and a very busy household. [25:57] The 2 pieces of advice Tenille has for business owners. [28:10] What the future holds for Tenille and Little Birdie Hair co. How you can learn more about Little Birdie Hair co and get in contact; 🖥 Website 🖱 Instagram @littlebirdiehairco

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

I've always been a perfectionist. But that clearly had to change when I started out in business.  Wasn't an easy transition I can tell you, and even now I still get stuck in my own head about certain things that hold me back. I had to change my mindset to know that the very fear of making a mistake can be turned into action. And action creates steps forward ...  And Lord knows I've made plenty of mistakes on this business journey ... of which, all, upon reflection, have created new opportunities. But the latest mistake I've made has left me stumped for a lot longer than I wanted it to.  I'll admit, that perfectionist in me has crept in a little here, but only because I just knew that correcting this mistake would mean a real game changer for the students of my Small Business Online Course.  And that's been the motivating factor.  But I think I'm on the right track and am (as we speak) making all the necessary changes needed to get it right. The thing about this mistake is that it's been a real turning point for my business in general, and that's what has me excited the most.  And I'm looking forward to seeing it all come to life.  Come take a listen as to how I'm going to get this one right. A x   Links to courses mentioned throughout the episode; Small Business Cashflow Course (waitlist) : Know your numbers online course (waitlist) :   Join my email community ..  

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." - Aldous Huxley Catfishing, the term given to luring someone into a relationship based on a fictional persona. Whilst the term is relatively new in the scheme of things, the art of catfishing in business has been around for many decades. But with the rise of consumer choice through channels such as Social Media platforms, we are being bombarded with lures of all kinds, promises if you will, of outcomes that may or may not be entirely accurate.  But how to tell the truth, or do we not want to know if the lure is desirable enough? For some time now I've been convinced that my experience was enough in this game of being in business.  But I'm learning very quickly that if you fall short of being a marketing expert or hiring a marketing expert, you will find a real battle on your hands for space.  The real shortfall though, is there are so many "experts" that are making claims that can't be substantiated by real world experience, and the reputations of industries are getting hit hard as a result. Do you or are you being catfished in business? And more importantly, how can you tell? In this episode, I explore this notion whilst examining whether it's impact by perception.  Whilst I speak to my knowledge in the coaching space, catfishing and business isn't reserved for just the coaching space and there are so many examples of this in every industry. Join me as I explore this notion and discuss this concept in business and whether it's just part of being in business, or whether there is something we can do about it as a consumer. Take a listen. A x   Other episodes as mentioned throughout; CASHFLOW          EP63 : When there is more to cashflow than sales PRICING          EP58 : The perfect price point COLLECTING MONEY          EP39 : Recovering cash on your own terms GOOD HABITS & DEBT          EP30 : Handling debt & good habits to get into FUNDING OPTIONS          EP69 : Funding options for small business FINANCIAL REPORTING          EP84 : Financial Forecasting Confidently My social links to learn more about me; LinkedIn : Facebook : Instagram : Website :    



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