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Ahh the boring sh!t in business .. you know the sh!t I'm talking about! Profit margins, cash flow, forecasting, strategy .. oh my! Eyes rolling? Then you've come to the right place! I have developed a platform here to break the stigma attached with the boring components of business. It's here to provide education, fun, provoke discussion and challenge the notion that our numbers may actually not be as boring as they seem. Don't believe me? Have a listen! A x

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Thursday Mar 17, 2022

Whilst I have the pleasure of working with business owners on their financial strategies, the downside to this type of work is understanding the financial pressures and pains that business owners go through.  Downside only from the point of view that I really wish they didn't have to go through such pain to get to a better place. So it pains me to no end, when I see on various forums like Facebook groups, business owners asking for something either for little fee or worst still ... for free!  Really? I call time on this!  It's time to start to value small business more.   In a recent scroll through Facebook groups as a way to keep my engagement up, I found myself getting more and more frustrated by the recurring theme of questions being asked ... One in particular sent me over the edge and prompted the discussion on this episode today ... it went something along the lines of "I'm about to reignite my coaching business and I need a website, but I have a very little, to no budget and was hoping someone could help me out" ... non threatening enough I hear you say, but when you dissect what this person is asking, is it really in the spirit of supporting small business, or just looking for something for nothing because it is posted in a way that disguises these questions as friendly support for other businesses ... lets chat about this. If this is a recurring theme for you and you would like to work on this to improve your financial foundations for your business, let's book a free, no obligation discovery call where we can talk about strategies to get you to your desired outcome for your business.  Simply book your call here >>> FREE DISCOVERY CALL Perhaps you're interested in my Small Business Cashflow Course and would like to join the waitlist >>> JOIN WAITLIST HERE Other free resources that could provide assistance with your financial strategies ...  30 Cashflow Challenge >> Elements of an effective Pricing Strategy PDF >>    

Wednesday Mar 09, 2022

Charelle Griffith is a Business and Marketing Strategist for coaches, consultants and service-based business owners. With a passion for supporting solopreneurs and small business owners, Charelle focuses on taking the overwhelm out of marketing and instead creates marketing strategies that help her clients to shine online, consistently create content that converts, and ultimately build a thriving business that supports the lifestyle they desire. Charelle is also an award-winning book blogger and Founder of PropelHer’s Book Club. In an online conversation I had with Charelle late last year, Charelle was telling me how she'd recently gone through the process of changing up some of her services, including her pricing strategy, yet still maintaining a targeted and in her words "dreamy" client base. Charelle stopped by to talk all things content creation, pricing strategies, the changes she has recently made to her service offerings and pricing and who she would have play her in a movie about her life. Some key points made throughout the episode that may be of interest .. [2:56] Showing up on camera [4:17] Content creation as a business owner [7:35] The multiple platforms for content creation and how to approach these [11:37] The 3 things Charelle suggests a platform should do for you and your profile [12:37] Scheduling content .. consistency vs algorithm [14:36] Who engagement numbers can be misleading [17:52] Charelle's journey to change her services and why it's important to review yours regularly. [24:15] Pricing ... the importance of getting this right [35:10] Who Charelle would have play her in a movie about her life and why. It's definitely a favourite of mine, that I know you will love also ... so come take a listen. A x   Link to Charelle's blog post and free workbook - How to create a content marketing plan' - Website: Book blog: Mailing list: Join my mailing list Connect on : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest    

Wednesday Mar 02, 2022

It's been said that "money isn't everything, but everything needs money"  Ain't that the truth when it comes to running a business!.  Unless you have the balance sheet of Tesla or Microsoft, the idea of accessing funding for your business has probably crossed your mind once or twice. At some stage you may need to make a choice, so it’s worth doing your homework when looking at the various financing options available for small businesses, and in what situation they may be appropriate. In this episode, we explore the 3 main types of business finance available and what they each mean for your business structure and funding needs. Some key points made throughout the episode; [2:43] What is Debt Finance and what is it characterised by? [3:48] Biggest upside to Debt Finance [5:50] Qualifying for Debt Finance [6:59] What is Equity Finance? [8:23] Type os Equity Finance [9:43] Retained Profits [10:29] Other funding types   If you are exploring funding options for your business, perhaps you'd like to consider my Small Business Cashflow Course, that works through the management of cash for business in step by step detail and explores various strategies to make this easier on business owners to manage and therefore alleviate the stress that cash funding can create. My next intake will be mid year, but you can join the waitlist at Small Business Cashflow Course Waitlist   Other cashflow resources that may be of interest FREE 30 day cashflow challenge  FREE PDF : 3 Things you can do daily to improve your cashflow      

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022

Henry (Hank) Paul from Henry Paul Photography is a full-time wedding photographer and educator based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in sustainable and inclusive weddings. He is a lover of board games, indoor plants and all forms of fried potato as well as the co-host of the Profit on the Margins podcast, author of the book "Queer-Owned", and creator of Queer Wedding Ally Training. I first met Hank through an online course I'd signed up for in 2021, and became instantly aware of how incredibly important his message, work and friendship were in my life.  And when I find something or someone incredible, I can't help but want to share.  I am grateful that Hank joined me for this episode where we discuss getting started in business, being authentically ourselves, Queer Ally Training and why it's an important message, the joy of continuous learning and who would play him in a movie about his life and why. We packed so much into this episode, it was so much fun ... here are some of the key discussion points for you to enjoy; [2:48] - Hank's story of getting started in the photography business and what impact his personal journey had on this time. [10:12] - Taking his business full time. [13:25] - Why it's important to Hank to "always be a student" when running his business. [15:22] - One piece of advice Hank has for other business owners. [18:03] - COVID and the impact of running a 1:1 service based business. [23:30] - On evolving his business module and writing "Queen-Owned" [34:28] - Discussing his new "Queer Wedding Ally Training" [40:05] - Who he would have play him in a movie about his life .. [43:20] - Being co-host of the Profit on the Margins Podcast Join me as I chat with Henry (Hank) Paul ...   To learn more about Henry Paul Photography head to Want to build a profitable business while creating a social impact .. learn how you can do so with Hank at Sign up for Hank's Queer Wedding Ally Training here Purchase Queer-Owned : The ultimate guide to personal branding for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs at Listen to Profit on the Margins Podcast here Find out more about what Hank is doing on his socials;  

Wednesday Feb 16, 2022

If you've ever found yourself continually dipping into your personal bank account to fund anything for your business, I can bet that it's because you haven't got your pricing right!  If you are constantly delaying creditor payments, or dread the "money shuffle" as I call it. You know the process I'm talking about, where you move money around so much trying to juggle due dates, that you make your own head spin.   Again, I hate to tell you my friend, but you're pricing is off. It has to be!!  In this episode, I unpack why it's obvious your pricing is off PLUS: Under what circumstances you may need to raise the pricing on your goods or services, How you need to push through the uncomfortableness of the process of raising your prices, Why raising prices is critical to the survival of your business, What components you need to consider when developing your pricing strategy, What communication channels may be appropriate to effectively use during this process, How consistent, transparent messaging is important throughout the communication process. After listening to this episode, you will definitely be able to identify whether you are ready to raise prices in your business and how you can tackle this transition. To make it easier for you to locate the relevant sections of this episode; [3:09] Why your pricing is important [3:20] Why your pricing may be incorrect [4:09] What components you should consider when pricing your products or services [5:57] Some of the best ways to communicate your price change [8:47] The importance of consistent messaging [11:44] Some additional advice from yours truly ... As pricing is undoubtably linked to the cashflows in our business, if you haven't already, be sure to take my 30 DAY CASHFLOW CHALLENGE ... 30 days, 30 key cashflow strategies to help you improve the overall flow of cash in AND out of your business! "I literally did your 30 day cashflow challenge in like 3 days over Christmas, I literally just sat on the lounge room floor and did it. And found about $2,500 worth of spend each year that I just didn't need anymore, which I ditched. I'm going to do it again with my personal expenditure!" Also, if you haven't done so already, follow the podcast.  I'm have so much exciting stuff to come this year, plus an impressive list of guests coming along to share the conversation with, and if you're not following, there is a good chance you may miss out!  FOLLOW HERE! A x

Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” The Japanese proverb, meaning choosing to never give up hope, and to always strive for more. Focusing not on the reality in front of you, but on that which may not be reality yet. 2022, I'm starting you right, and I'm excited for what's to come ...  After a tough 2021 ... I took some time and reflected on what was needed to come back in 2022 stronger and better than ever before.  And during that reflection I realised that there were 5 strategies I needed to implement to start this year off right.  So in my first episode back for 2022 ... and as I put 2021 in that box marked "toughest year in business" ... I'm sharing the 5 ways I'm going to start this year right. Whilst I'm sure this list isn't definitive by any means, I know I can't go wrong if I at least start here ...   Strategy #1 : Set a realistic plan (3:37) Strategy #2 : Learn from the past (5:50) Strategy #3 : Note down new skills you need (7:23) Strategy #4 : Take time for ourselves (9:21) Strategy #5 : Make learning a priority (10:52)   So join me as we discuss these strategies further. A x   To book a discovery call for 1:1 coaching : Join my FREE 30 Day Cashflow Challenge and start the year right 30 DAY CASHFLOW CHALLENGE     Some resources mentioned throughout the podcast :  TRELLO : ASANA :    

Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Making changes to our business model is always challenging, especially when you have worked so hard at a particular area of your business … change is always scary. But what is it they say about being scared…. Do it scared.  So that’s where I’m at right now.  I have made the scary decision to shut down my Instagram and Facebook business pages.  After having worked tirelessly over the last 10 years to grow my following on these pages, it came down, ironically, to numbers.   I’d finally reached the number I wanted for followers, but found that the most impactful number I needed to pay more attention to, was the engagement.  And this my friends isn’t great! So join me for this episode as I talk through the why, the how and what’s next for me when it comes to the Social Media side of my business. A x 📧 EMAIL TO STAY CONNECTED : 🔗 REGISTER FOR OFFICE HOURS : Sign up to register for Office hours and all the latest training announcement and early access to more cool free resources I have developed, join here … or through the link in my bio If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications so you receive alerts when a new episode drops.

Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Bank reconciliations .. many have heard the term and others haven’t.  But regardless of which camp you reside in right now, as a business owner, it’s one thing you need to be aware of.  With all the automated systems we have available to us, performing a bank reconciliation now is as easy as the press of a button, literally.  But regardless of the simplicity of it, it comes with a warning … just because it’s automated, doesn’t mean the information contained within it isn’t important to know and to know regularly! I know I say this a lot .. but business is all about 2 pieces of paper.  Invoice in and invoice out.  These two little pieces of paper, can make or break our cash situation and the value of these two pieces of paper, are found on the bank reconciliation. So I wanted to take a moment to talk more about the bank reconciliation and the importance it plays as a daily reminder to all business owners, that your bank reconciliation pays tribute to the way you run your business.  Be sure to take a listen. A x 🔗 FREEBIE : 🔗 REGISTER FOR OFFICE HOURS : Sign up to register for Office hours and all the latest training announcement and early access to more cool free resources I have developed, join here … or through the link in my bio If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications so you receive alerts when a new episode drops.

Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Is this you?  Do you find your business living day to day or sale to sale just to pay the bills?  Just to make ends-meat whilst you are working your butt off yet you’re fully booked .. and you feeling like you’re playing Tetris when it comes to moving money around to make it work? I recently polled a number of business owners and asked them to explain in their own words what cashflow meant to them. An overwhelming 95% of those that I polled told me it was sales.  When I dug a little deeper to see whether they had an extended version of their understanding of cashflow, 87% of the 95% stuck with sales. I can appreciate that sales plays an extremely important part in cashflow of small business.  But the trap I’m seeing over and over is that many business owners are disregarding the other significant aspects of cashflow. The reality, cash moves even if no sale is made … so why aren’t we focused on ensuring that we manage it just as effectively? Join me as I work through the common mistakes business owners run into when they make sales the only focus when addressing their cashflow needs. A x 🔗 FREEBIE : 🔗 WAITLIST FOR CASHFLOW ONLINE COURSE : For the latest training announcement and early access to all the cool free resources I have developed, join here … or through the link in my bio If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications so you receive alerts when a new episode drops.

Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

Think :  work hard, play hard! My journey to where I am today was far from traditional.  But I got here. Whilst it’s sad but true, I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be in business.  Even more so, that I knew that the best path there was in the field of Accounting because I learnt quickly that the heart of any business started and ended with their numbers.  I see the world in black in white, so it was only natural that I gravitated towards a career that was black and white.   One of the things I love about what I do, is that one plus one will always equal two.  There is no grey area.   But what a crazy ride it’s been to get here.  Because whilst I gravitated to accounting as a profession … I’m anything but a traditional accountant.  I never could be, it just wasn’t in my nature.  So I needed to find the right path for me that would provide the right education and support needed to land where I wanted to land, whilst staying true to myself. So this is my story.  Everything from nearly being kicked out of uni to camping through Africa to challenge my comfort zone and ensure that I was where I needed to be. Join me …  A x If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications so you receive alerts when a new episode drops. For the latest training announcement and early access to all the cool free resources I have developed, join here …  



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